Friday, February 14, 2014

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A previous entry posted a few resources to get started. A number of years ago when I developed an interest in knots, there were few resources of information. But now it seems that interest has exploded in the subject with a subsequent explosion of information. The driving factor in interest in knots and paracord appears to be driven by the paracord survival bracelet. I don't know the origin of the paracord bracelet. Probably a military one, but I can't find any information. With constant war for the last thirteen years, military usage and availability of paracord has coincided with interest in knots and paracord.

There are limitless sites, videos, books, and resources dedicated to tying the paracord bracelet. Also known as a survival strap, it is a handy way to carry around a length of paracord.

My absolute favorite source of knot tying and paracord source of information and projects is Stormdrane. This guy has more information, resources and imaginative projects than almost anybody. His post date back to 2005 and is probably single-handedly responsible for the concurrent rise in interest in knotting and paracord. He also has a You Tube channel with many instructional videos. He also has a number of guides on Instructables. This is where I first learned to tie a paracord bracelet. He also invented the Rapid Deployment Spool as seen on Instructables and CountyComm.

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